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Introducing the OYB Journal Module!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

At OYB we’ve created a journal module in-built to Jedox that provides a unique set of journal interfaces to maintain data integrity, and give our clients more control.

Here's a demonstration of the journal module.

The journal module includes various checks and balances to ensure data integrity and accuracy of information by keeping track of data changes and corrections, making any changes audit-proof. It also provides a safety net when processing the journal in case of any incorrect data inputs by alerting the user.

As a web-based online tool, the journal can be accessed and manipulated (subject to security approvals) by multiple users. It provides a singular unified system where data can be viewed and manipulated in one platform.

In addition to that, the journal module provides time-saving mechanisms through its recurring journals so that you don’t have to repeat the same entries each month. It can even allow for the input of different currencies.

Implementing such a system as the journal module not only improves the accuracy and integrity of the report, but also provides unique technological benefits that expedite standard processes.

To learn more about the journal module, or about corporate performance management solutions contact us at: https://oyb.com.au

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