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Build the Right Team to Support The Tool

Updated: May 8, 2019

The longer we work with our prospects and partners alike the more we recognise the importance of the team within the organisation, as being critical to the success of any implementation.

Modern marketing practices reiterate time and time again that the starting point to any great campaign is to study the attributes of those you are targeting. They encourage you to speak to your valued clients to understand what represents value to them, beyond the tool and service.

As an example, one of our vendors has created a tool that meets the needs of the financial controller. It is a modelling tool that mimics excel in its look and feel, to reduce the change impact for the finance team who are highly proficient in using excel. The target market for this tool is high end Excel users in finance.

We are finding that the critical success across our projects has been that there is always one or two analytical champions, those that develop those hugely complex, interconnected spreadsheets, who enjoy being the solution champion are invaluable. They are curious about how to get the most out of the tool because they had frustrations and limitations when creating a solution in Excel. If you have someone in the team that is keen to explore and embrace change, and create new processes that provide greater insight, you will find great success.

These champions that are implementing the tool can help teach others and spread the love for the project. Where we find risk and stagnation is where there is no appetite within the team and no solution champion(s). We actively talk to a prospective business partners about this in the sales cycle as it can be an obstacle to achieving complete project success. However through using creativity innovation, inclusion and training it is possible for finance leaders to create an environment where employees are inspired to go on the journey with them. As with any new investment it has to have at least a three to five year outlook.

Going back to the case study that spawned this awareness campaign, the client invested in growing a team. They acquired the skills they required to constantly transform the solutions provided on the application. What worked last year may not be the same for the coming year. It is always great to see evolution from what was originally built. Their business is evolving, so the planning and reporting solution needs to evolve and adapt too. Their success is not about the application, it’s all about the team and their abilities to adapt what they learn and make enhancements that benefit decision makers. This team has had a positive revenue impact.