Managers across all sectors of industry need to know the impact of staff movement on their business, branch or department. They don’t have time to plough through the P&L and calculate the impact of staff coming and going, or the effects of a restructure or expansion.


What if they could drag and drop an org chart that automatically translated the movement to the budget or forecast?.... What if it was tied to the payroll system so information was always up to date and accurate?.... What if it was linked to the billing system so you could see direct impact on revenue based on utilisation allocations?...

Managers could quickly and easily manipulate personnel structures and see instantly, the impact on the P&L.  Department heads could be empowered by the ability to model “What if” scenarios, without so much reliance on the finance team.


Personnel costs are the biggest expense to most businesses, and if you’re a professional services company, they are also your biggest revenue driver. The ability to quickly and accurately manipulate staffing scenarios will ultimately contribute towards maximising your earnings potential.


The team at OYB have 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing technology driven solutions for Finance Professionals. People Planning is a part of what we do and we’re taking it a step further to present a user friendly interface to empower all managers (who may be less comfortable manipulating a P&L), to create models autonomously.  Because clearer information enables better decisions…….


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