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OYB International, was  founded by Jack Campbell in 2005 and provided Corporate Planning and Reporting Solutions to some of Australia's most iconic and successful businesses for 15 years. The focused has shifted from the sale and implementation of technology platforms, to operating independently of any software affiliations.  


Our realisation after 20+ years experience in Corporate Planning and Reporting, was that our value add is not reliant on a single technology platform.

Data on a Touch Pad

At our core, OYB is a services consultancy providing tailored solutions in corporate budgeting, planning and reporting. We do not preface our services with a requirement for our clients to invest in software platforms, though have extensive experience across a range of platforms. Our service can extend to provide independent advice around new implementations that our clients may be considering.   

We have extensive corporate experience in driving data solutions to provide timely and accurate financial outputs to enable clients to accurately forecast and plan. Our blend of technical and finance expertise is often the bridge between corporate departments to ensure they service one another efficiently. 

Our experience has taught us that finance teams can be swamped with obtaining and organising data, taking up valuable time which could be better spent analysing and modelling. We serve to maximise F P & A efficiencies within the finance function to enable more accurate planning and reporting outputs.

Jack Campbell


Jack has been designing and implementing Corporate Planning and Reporting systems for more than 25 years . He has served and continues to serve some of Australia's' most successful businesses, combining technical and accounting expertise; and is highly regarded for his ability to communicate with business stakeholders.

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