Testimonials from users of OYBs financial management software…

OYBs corporate performance and financial management software has helped our clients:

  • Reduce data errors.
  • Improve data integrity.
  • Produce reports quickly and with significantly less effort.
  • Consolidate data from a wide range of sources.
  • Reduce resource load on IT systems.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Easily make changes for foreign currency, different levels of ownership and other economic and business factors.
  • Produce reports for different audiences quickly and easily.
  • Standardise reports.
  • Easily integrate with other systems, such as Excel.

OYB has worked with some of Australia’s best-known businesses, including  Slater & Gordon, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Blue Cross, Southern Cross Austereo, Scotts Transport, Brickworks, and Bradken:

“The OYB reporting solution is a great tool, but I’m sure there are other tools out there that could do as good a job.  What made the difference for us was the service from OYB.  I can’t emphasise that enough!”

Adam Simon, General Manager Finance, IT & Administration, Gunnersen

“This was even more sophisticated and our understanding of what Maxiplan could do grew substantially.  It was also a lot smoother.  For the non-time side of our business, OYB was able to replicate the calculations we were doing using spreadsheets, again with more than 10 different business units and 40 offices, and determine the revenue numbers.  It saved us a lot of time and we had great confidence in the accuracy of the data.”



David Shepherd, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

“We quickly realised we had a tool that was not only quicker to use, but also more reliable and robust than using spreadsheets. Plus, because Maxiplan is web-based, our people can get into the system, wherever they are in the world”

Brian Gridley, Finance & Administration Manager, Ego Pharmaceuticals

“Due to the growth of the firm and ever increasing complexities, as well as disparate locations, we needed to move to a more capable, robust model.  In addition, we wanted a web-based solution, which Maxiplan is, to aid in setting and distributing budgetary information across a large integrated and connected network.  Essentially we needed a product that would make it easier for everyone in the company to work together, despite having staff across a large number of geographical locations,” Nick says.

Nick Bubb, Group Finance Manager, Slater & Gordon

Craig adds that he believes this ability to quickly slice and dice the data, is one of the big advantages of the software. In BlueCross’ case, it allows them to easily consolidate data into their multiple structures, levels and sub-levels.

Craig Bardrick, Chief Financial Officer, Blue Cross

“OYB’s software provides us with a robust budgeting environment, faster turnaround times, greater confidence in the data and an improvement in our process.”

Nicholas Bubb, Group Finance Manager, Slater & Gordon

“We have complete data integrity, standardisation of information and confidence in the information produced using OYB’s software.”

Richard Betty, Financial Controller, Bradken

“We’re saving days of time and effort in consolidating data from various cost centres and several divisions. This saving is critical in allowing us to meet our management reporting deadlines.”

Anthony Hill, MIS Manager, Brickworks