Sample Benefits

Software makes consolidation easy

A common issue experienced by many businesses during budgeting and reporting is consolidation. Typically, these businesses need to consolidate data from a number of cost centres, divisions or locations using Excel or another spreadsheet software. Potential errors, re-keying of data and delays in producing reports result.

OYB’s financial management software removes these inefficiencies. Using the software, businesses can import data from any number of different sources and produce a consolidated report with a click of the mouse.

Consolidation was one of the major reporting problems facing Brickworks, before they contacted OYB. They had a significant number of cost centres and divisions to consolidate and to complete the consolidation Brickworks needing to re-key data into Excel. This data then had to be checked and balanced, creating inefficiencies and delays in publishing consolidated results.

Using OYB’s financial management software, customised to Brickworks’ specific needs, consolidation is now a breeze. To produce consolidated reports, Brickworks simply imports data from the cost centres and divisions into OYB’s consolidation software. The software automatically consolidates the data and provides the reports needed.

“We have also increased our responsiveness to ad hoc requests for information and, because the tool is integrated with Excel, it is very easy to work with,” says Brickworks Anthony Hill.