Features & Benefits

Financial management reporting software that saves time and reduces costs

If you’re using spreadsheets for your financial management reporting or have reporting software that’s not meeting your needs, it’s time to take control. OYB’s financial management reporting software is a suite of integrated modules that allows businesses to manage all their budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting needs.

FeatureBenefit to you
Consolidation software.To consolidate data from various sources (separate business units, locations, etc.) simply import the data into OYB's financial management reporting software and the software completes the process automatically. No error-prone re-keying of data and significant reductions in time to complete the process.
Built in workflow.Check, monitor and review the planning, forecasting and reporting process quickly and easily.
Easily integrate with common tools such as Excel.If desired, users can continue to use the tools they are familiar with, such as Excel, to collect and input data. Reports, budgets and forecasts generated from OYB’s financial management reporting software can also be used in Excel.
Fully customisable.OYB’s financial management reporting software will be customised to suit each individual business, to ensure it meets your exact needs.
Flexible, multidimensional and powerful.It may be simple to use, yet OYB’s software is powerful enough to take care of all your financial management reporting needs, including complex consolidations and changing economic factors.
Web based.Take care of your financial management reporting securely, anywhere you have Internet or Intranet access.
Report generator.You can produce virtually any report using OYB’s financial management reporting software, including financial statements, key performance indicator scorecards and multidimensional reports. Produce clear, dynamic charts and dashboards to meet the needs of your stakeholders.
Thin client solution.The software is stored in a central server with no software installation required on the user’s computer, so set up for any number of users is quick and easy. This also means increased security, manageability and reliability of IT systems.

Plus, all these features and benefits come without a significant investment in money, time or effort.

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