Case Studies - Bradken

About Bradken

Bradken is a leading global supplier of consumable and capital products. Bradken develops its innovative products across five divisions: Mining Products, Engineering Products, Rail, Industrial, and Power & Cement.

The company has a long and proud history that started in 1922 when Leslie Bradford and Jim Kendall founded a steel foundry in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria. Even then, the company took a customer focused approach to business and developed a commitment to research and development.

Today, Bradken boasts sales of more than AU$1 billion a year and is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Bradken employs more than 4,800 people worldwide. It has 28 manufacturing and service facilities based in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom.

Bradken’s Planning and Reporting Challenge

Before calling on OYB’s support, compiling operations reports for Bradken’s Runcorn Foundry in Queensland was a significant and cumbersome task. 

“Our systems weren’t linked and we had to pull information from a variety of sources,” says Bradken’s Financial Controller at Runcorn, Richard Betty.

“We were able to cope, but we had too many spreadsheets and we had to continually copy data from one spreadsheet to another. In some instances, the information we were gathering wasn’t the same across our operations, so it was difficult to compare results.”

The Solution

After discussing the challenges and taking a closer look at the issues, OYB and Bradken identified that the ideal solution would be one that pulled all the required information into the one business model.

It was vital that the model would be able to produce not only weekly operations reports but also the monthly operations report. In addition, if summary information wasn’t adequate, it was important that the model would allow Bradken to drill down to detailed information.

OYB developed a customised solution that takes care of all the hard work for Bradken. All Richard and his team need to do when compiling weekly or monthly reports is to import information from journals and production reports. The required key performance indicators for the reports are produced automatically.

“Using the OYB solution we can produce our report for the week ending Tuesday by Wednesday afternoon. Previously, it would have taken until Thursday at best,” Richard says.

“We have complete data integrity, standardisation of information and confidence in the information that is produced. Plus if we see something that looks strange or out of place we can drill down on the data to take a closer look.”

Summary of Benefits

• Standardisation of information

• Data integrity

• The ability to produce weekly and monthly reports quickly and with significantly less effort

• A solution that can be easily upgraded to suit future needsThe Next Challenge for Bradken

Bradken’s Runcorn Foundry has been so satisfied with the OYB solution that the same solution has been implemented at the company’s Welshpool foundry in Western Australian and there are plans to implement it in all the company’s 13 foundries. Bradken’s fabrication shops are also looking at implementing the solution.

In fact, the vision is for all Bradken’s operations to be one day using the OYB weekly model. 

It’s not the first time Bradken and OYB have come together to improve the company’s planning and reporting. OYB has also assisted Bradken’s corporate group in Newcastle – which manages all Bradken’s operations in Australia and overseas – in areas such as monthly management, and financial and budgeting requirements.

About OYB

OYB is a company with a team of highly skilled people, dedicated to helping clients answer tomorrow’s questions today.

Our principals have more than 20 years experience providing planning and reporting solutions. They’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies and have vast experience with a wide range of industries and businesses throughout Australia.

OYB’s goal is to help clients significantly reduce the time to gather reliable and accurate information.

This provides clients with more time for the important work of analysing the information and providing detailed reports, plans and forecasts.

All of the OYB team are dedicated to not only providing the solutions clients need today, but also building and maintaining relationships so that the company can continue to provide support in the future.