Q: Are your spreadsheets difficult to manage?

A: Employ specialised reporting software that’s easy to maintain.

Financial management software for the 21st Century

The challenges of the past few years have shown us that accurate and timely budgeting, forecasting and reporting are vital for any business. Whether you’re involved in finance, sales, operations or IT, you need the utmost confidence in the financial management software you use.


Who uses OYB?

  • OYB’s financial management software is used by some of Australia’s best known companies, such as Slater & Gordon, Maurice Blackburn, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Blue Cross, Southern Cross Austereo, Brickworks and Bradken .

Craig adds that he believes this ability to quickly slice and dice the data, is one of the big advantages of the software. In BlueCross’ case, it allows them to easily consolidate data into their multiple structures, levels and sub-levels.

- Craig Bardrick, Chief Financial Officer, Blue Cross

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How can OYB’s financial management software improve your business?

  • Reduce the time required to process data
  • Spend more time analysing data and adding value
  • React quickly to changes in factors such as business growth, business consolidation and foreign currency fluctuations
  • Produce reports quickly and easily
  • Don’t invest significant money, time or effort to improve your reporting needs

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Why Choose OYB?

  • We customise our financial management software to suit your individual needs
  • We’re a boutique business with a passion for service
  • We take the time to get to know your business and individual challenges, so we can better support your needs

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Case Study

Working With Brickworks

About Brickworks Limited

Brickworks Limited is proud of its history – a long, unbroken tradition that stretches back to the days of the Great Depression. It was in 1934 that a group of leading Sydney brick manufacturers formed a company to ensure the ongoing viability of the local brick industry. The expansion of the company was rapid and its success assured through technological innovation and strong management.

Determined to bring stability to the industry during the Depression years and provide leadership, the brick makers appointed William King Dawes as general manager. Dawes was also general manager of the highly successful Austral Brick Company Pty Limited. Under his direction Brickworks Limited prospered, becoming the single most important player in the brick industry, a position it retains to this day. Dawes continued to serve as managing director with both companies until his death in 1981.

Through its brands – Austral Bricks, Austral Masonry, Bristle Roofing, Auswest Timbers and Austral Precast – Brickworks has become a household name in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, the Austral brand is Australia’s largest manufacturer of bricks, pavers, retaining walls, building materials, facade systems and landscaping products.

Today, the company has more than 30 manufacturing operations in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland and the company is regularly growing, primarily t...


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